Culturally Relevant Teaching: Think Local

A recent publication with university colleagues on the importance of thinking local when interpreting culturally relevant teaching in your teaching practice (Culturally Relevant Education: Think Local Within a Holistic Orientation). We used cases to argue that context, content, and delivery are the best ways to incorporate culturally relevant pedagogical practices at your school site.

Abstract: “Students bring valuable cultural ways of knowing and world views to the classroom. Teachers who build on student cultures are able to motivate and make learning more meaningful. We believe that teachers should Think Local within a holistic orientation to create a student-centered and culture-centered education that arises out of student cultural knowledge, life experiences, and belief systems. Like the Farm to Table movement in agriculture, teachers need to think about reaching students using a Think Local perspective. We highlight three examples of culturally relevant programs and how their holistic programs are based on thinking local. From these three cases, we recommend that teachers consider utilizing five cultural competencies that will assist them in integrating the local expertise of students into schooling.”